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Sundalah is a non-competitive CommUNITY which brings positive, passionate and inspirational people together to celebrate life.
Since 2008, Sundalah has been providing ways to explore health and wellness via events, programs, an annual magazine and an online directory.




We enjoyed sharing our

15th Birthday Celebrations
& Wellness Festival in April 2024

Townsville's FIRST 2-week Wellness Festival  in April was a chance for the community to rise, shine and prioritise healthy commUNITY connections.

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Sundalah CommUNITY Magazine

Sundalah CommUNITY Magazine


The Sundalah CommUNITY Magazine was our annual print publication (2013 to 2023) which shared local health, wisdom and inspirational stories and information in our region. 

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Jasmine Healy-Pagán

Jasmine LOVES bringing people together to share Health, Wisdom & Inspiration and also teaches a variety of wellness programs to all ages.

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What They Say


"Thank you Jasmine, for giving our team the tools and reminders about the simplicity of breathing, stretching and being in the present moment. It was a pleasure to share time with you."
~ Anne Lewis, Director NQ Women's Legal Service.


"I’d like to thank Jasmine Healy-Pagan for her illuminating presentation on “Mindfulness in the Yoga Tradition” yesterday at Sundalah House. Jasmine is a radiant example of how Yoga and mindfulness can transform one’s life for the better. Her infectious enthusiasm for Yoga and her passion for sharing its wisdom with all she meets are a wonderful asset for the Townsville region."
~ Dr K. Mudd


"Thank you so much Jasmine for the recent workshops - it gave me an amazing insight into the deeper side of the pattern of Prana Vinyasa and it was beautiful how many layers you appeared to seamlessly create on Wednesday! I did sleep well and was proud not to feel too sore! Thank you - your generosity in sharing your passion and energy is humbling."
~ Judith E.


"Thank you again for the Sangha last night! I was able to find peace in my heart from answers I have been seeking for a while. The evening words of wisdom were enlightening for my personal spiritual journey. I woke up feeling positively different this morning. I feel very grateful."
~ Sun B.


"Thanks for organising the Global Mala celebration. At about 90 something salutations, with the drums getting louder I had the most delicious rush of endorphins and the most incredible sensation of pure bliss. Fancy that. Nothing like 108 sun salutations to lift your spirit! "
~ Liza H.


"I just wanted to thank you for everything you put into Sundalah Day and for having the vision to grow something so beautiful. I can only imagine the hours that you put in all year round. It all evolves as the beautiful community that comes together with such a wonderful energy. I feel truly blessed to be a part of it and just wanted to let you know."
~ Connie Hardy


"Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I did all the 108 sun salutations and it was a buzz to achieve this!! I felt energized and alive. The dancing was great, food delicious and friendship happy and warm. Congratulations on putting together such a great day."
~ Bev L.


"The Townsville yoga community is like no other in the world and the reason for that is Jasmine and Sundalah. She has an amazing way of bringing us all together to connect and do many great things."
~ Allison D.


"Thank you for RESET! This program was absolutely invaluable for my teen. Such a massive time in one’s life, and when it is difficult/challenging, anything that can help is appreciated! Again, we are so very grateful Jasmine to you for your selfless caring for our next generation."
~ Mel T.

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